TAAD Strategy chart


Increase peoples’ awareness about toddler food allergies.

Educate new parents
before their children explore more foods.

Instill responsibility into immediate caregivers about modeling their food choices.


An event that includes a set of informational and promotional materials alerting people to toddlers food allergies.

A comprehensive publication on toddler food allergies that educates new parents and family members how to feed their babies appropriately.

An extensive resource about food allergies that promotes a positive approach to life
and health.

Campaign & Event



Campaign posters


A series of posters promote awareness about food allergies in toddlers. Telling people there is an event about it.



Information about food allergies.



Guiding different groups people who surround toddlers.




A series of posters talks about food allergies in event.

Name tag


To distinguish the event's staff
and guests.

Giveaways–food allergen cards


Free gifts that people can bring home from this event.

Giveaways–food pins

Free gifts that people can bring home from this event.



Provide information about
food allergies as well as a place to let parents share experiences with others.


A public service video which appeals for people to take more responsibility for toddlers with food allergies.



An easy way to document and record reactions and also a food log for families and pediatricians.

App video


A short promo video to promote
the app.

Giveaways–food allergen bracelets


Free gifts that people can bring home from this event.